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Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, a British-educated Palestinian who recently headed an Islamic studies think tank in Florida, was elected the new head of the Islamic Jihad, after its leader -- Dr. Fathi Shakaki -- was shot to death in Malta late last week. TIME's Johanna McGeary reports from Jerusalem: "Since it is widely believed that the Israelis killed Shakaki to 'cut the head off the Jihad,' the organization's quick turnaround in finding a successor is an attempt to send the message that Jihad is still alive and kicking, and that its leadership can be replaced. Jihad has had one goal and one goal only: to disrupt the peace process. That won't change, but since they haven't been able to do it thus far, it is unlikely they will be able to, even with this change in leadership. Jihad is becoming less, rather than more, popular among the Palestinians." Shallah, 40, was at the Damascus airport Tuesday to meet the plane carrying the body of Shakaki.