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In yet another twist in the drama that always seems to accompany her, Imelda Marcos was made a member of the Philippines House of Representatives today. Joyous supporters cheered the 65-year-old widow of the late Philippines dictator after she was sworn into office by Chief Justice Andres Narvasa, the judge who helped unseat her husband from the presidency in 1983 . Best known for her shoe collection, the former first lady -- who is free on bail while appealing a 24-year sentence for graft -- exploited her flair for the impossible by winning a three-way race to represent her native province of Leyte by a landslide 33,000 votes five months ago. Election officials had ruled that Mrs. Marcos was not a legal resident of the province and refused to let her take her seat. It took a ruling of the country's Supreme Court on Wednesday to clear the way for today's ceremony.