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At least one soldier was killed and 20 wounded early this morning when a sniper opened fire on soldiers exercising at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Lisa Towle reports from North Carolina: "The suspect is a weapons squad leader stationed at the base. It was dark this morning when he came out of the woods surrounding the field and started spraying troops who were exercising. A soldier in the barracks next to the field, who happened to have a video camera, heard the commotion and shot a video of the scene. It was surreal, with the moon shrouded by fog in the darkness. People were yelling and running in all directions. Some of the soldiers apparently tackled the shooter. A civilian-issued M-16 rifle, a pistol and another weapon were confiscated by military investigators. The injuries ranged from superficial to critical. Most were shot in the chest and lower extremities. One was taken to Duke Medical Center. He was shot in the neck, but is expected to live. Contrary to earlier reports, only one suspect is thought to be involved in this incident. The suspect in question apparently told his supervisor yesterday that he was having personal problems."