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On the night of July 20, 1993, Hillary Clinton called Harry Thomason, a Hollywood producer and friend of the Clintons, to talk about the death of her longtime friend Vincent Foster that day. After learning of the call Wednesday, Senator Al D'Amato heatedly accused the White House of withholding telephone records relevant to his investigation of the Whitewater land deal. D'Amato insisted that by withholding the telephone records documenting Mrs. Clinton's call for more than two years, "The White House deprived the committee and the public of the whole truth." A lawyer for Thomason, a figure implicated in the Travelgate scandal that depressed Foster before his suicide, dismissed the phone call as a courtesy to inform Thomason of the death of a mutual friend. Meanwhile, the Senate committee darkly hinted that Treasury officials improperly shredded documents, though they were merely copies of existing documents. Majority Republicans on the Senate panel, which reopened its hearings into the affair on Wednesday, said they will issue voluminous document requests. Democrats derided the demands as "blanket subpoenas."