The Price Is Right for AT&T's Free Wireless Internet

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Are you old enough or geeky enough to remember the pre-Web days of slow modems and all-text browsing? Well, those days are back in the form of Internet-ready cell phones. The upgraded phones won't show the latest Macromedia flash movies, but they will give you information on the go. If that's not enough to get you browsing the Internet from a street corner, AT&Ts PocketNet service will now give its wireless customers limited web access for free.

While Sprint also offers an Internet plan for cell phones, they consider every minute on the phone to be a minute of calling time and charge accordingly. AT&T, on the other hand, won't keep track of the minutes, hours or days you're browsing the Web. And while the free service limits you to a mere 40 web sites, that's probably as many as you need. The basics are all there: news, stock quotes, weather, movie show times. There's even an ATM finder for those out-of-cash emergencies, and a recipe site in case you have a potato and a stove and aren't sure what comes next.