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Getting 191 heads of state, vice-presidents, foreign ministers and U.N. observers organized Sunday for a group photo was not easy, reports TIME's Marguerite Michaels. "Chatting was going on up and down the rows. President Clinton was standing next to President Jiang Zemin from China, and the two of them were in earnest conversation as the rest of the troops milled around behind them. Meantime the photographer was telling people to 'just shift left half a foot,' 'In the fourth row can you move in a little closer?' On the right end of the third row an older man stood holding a sign over his head saying 'Estonia.' Said one of the Kodak contractees, 'we thought he'd never put that thing down.' It probably would have helped if each leader had held a sign over his head for one of the shots, because the plan laid out last week for who would stand where went straight out the window."