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Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic announced Wednesday that two French pilots shot down over Bosnia on August 30 have been kidnapped from a hospital where Serbs say they had been held. In Paris, TIME's Bruce Crumley reports that exasperated French officials now don't know whom or what to believe: "Foreign Minister Herve de Charette claimed he had no information on the subject at all, and called the entire episode 'grotesque.' Sources at his ministry confirmed that the government had no confirmation on the kidnapping -- nor anything else since the two men were shot down. 'We know nothing, nothing, nothing,' the source said. 'This is what makes it so frustrating and frightening. We have had no independent confirmation of their arrest, treatment, or kidnapping. All we have been able to do is put pressure on our contacts to do whatever they can with those who might know the truth.'"