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Captain Everett Greene, the highest ranking Navy officer to face a court-martial since World War II, was acquitted this afternoon of charges that he sexually harrassed two female subordinates. As the Navy's top equal-opportunity officer, Greene was in charge of eradicating the abuses he was accused of committing. The evidence against him, however, consisted of suggestive cards and gifts that made the women feel uneasy. "It was a weak case," reports Pentagon correspondent Mark Thompson. "The only thing they could have really pinned on him was conduct unbecoming of an officer, and even that was going to be hard to prove. The guy might have acted stupidly, but he is no crook." But Greene, who is up for a promotion to the rank of rear admiral, may well become the third Navy commander in recent months to have sex-related charges derail his career. "He'll never get the promotion now," says Thompson. "It is very political to get to the next stage, and he simply doesn't have the support of the Navy. Remember, it was the Navy who took him to court."