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The arrest of Gilberto Mora Mesa, the Cali cartel's alleged communications chief, allegedly establishes that the cocaine organization was spying on both the Colombian government and United States drug agents. But while Colombian authorities, namely embattled President Ernesto Samper, are blaming the cartel for the tapping, American officials believe blame lies elsewhere. "The American embassy is absolutely livid about this. They think the Colombian government is behind the taps," reports TIME's Elaine Shannon. "Pointing the finger at the cartel is seen as a desperate attempt by Samper to save his administration. He's terrified that the cartel's bookkeeper in custody is going to tell just how involved he has been with the cartel, so he is trying to deflect attention onto the cartel." Last month, the cartel's accountant, Guillermo Pallomari, surrendered to U.S. authorities. Samper has been under investigation for allegedly accepting cartel money for his presidential campaign.