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Joseph Rotblat, the Polish-born physicist who quit the Manhattan Project in protest and founded a worldwide anti-nuclear movement, was awarded the 1995 Nobel Peace prize Friday morning. "I see this honor not for me personally but rather for the small group of scientists who have been working for 40 years to try to save the world, often against the world's wish," the 87-year old British activist told reporters in London. The Nobel committee also cited the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, the disarmament group Rotblat helped found in 1955 as part of an effort to get scientists to recognize responsibility for their inventions. The annual Pugwash Conferences were instrumental in creating a common understanding of the dangers of nuclear arms among scientists and leaders from the East and West. "One of the reasons for the prize is a sort of protest against testing of nuclear weapons and nuclear arms in general," said committee chairman Francis Sejersted, who condemned France and China for plowing ahead with controversial nuclear tests this year.