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The discovery of mass graves of Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai this week, bolstering claims that more than 1,000 Egyptian prisoners of war were slaughtered by Israelis during the 1956 and 1967 wars, has enflamed Egyptian public opinion and threatens to rip apart the already tenuous relationship between the two countries. "Egyptians are saddened and angered, and determined to get to the bottom of this matter," reports Amany Radwan in Cairo. The volatile issue was brought to light last month when a retired Israeli general confessed that he had gunned down 49 Egyptian soldiers who were then prisoners of war. TIME's Radwan says that the Egyptian people are demanding a full investigation from the Israeli government. "The Egyptians feel that the Israelis have already set the precedent in such matters by relentlessly tracking the Nazis for years on end and bringing them to trial."