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After more than a year of discussions, Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and PLO Leader Yasser Arafat seem very close to an agreement on how to carry out Palestinian self-rule. The most contentious issue -- control of the Palestinian city of Hebron -- reportedly was settled after a 60-hour marathon negotiation between the two leaders this week. Talks have been interrupted for the Jewish sabbath. Sam Allis reports from Jerusalem: "The talks are going right down to the wire. In order to observe Jewish law, though, Peres had to leave the talks in Taba, Egypt and cross the border to Eilat, a resort town on the Red Sea. He can return and resume negotiations after sundown on Saturday. An agreement may be reached very quickly once talks resume." Pushing the pace of the talks are the upcoming Jewish holy days of Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur and a planned trip by Shimon Peres to the United States next week to meet with President Clinton and address the United Nations. "Both sides desperately want to have this completed before Peres' visit next week," says Allis. "They would like nothing more than to have a signed agreement when Peres visits the White House next Thursday."