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Westinghouse Electric Corp. Wednesday agreed to air at least three hours of children's programming per week after its proposed merger with CBS goes through. Three citizens groups agreed to withdraw a petition to block the merger in exchange for the agreement. But there was no indication of the kind of programs Westinghouse considers appropriate for children. "In many cases this is the old story of stations trying to say the "Flintstones" is educational because it teaches kids about history," notes TIME's Steve Wulf. The announcement comes on the same day UCLA researcher Jeffrey Cole released a study of broadcast programs that found Saturday morning children's shows such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and X-Men are so violent they pose more of a threat to kids than most prime-time shows. But don't look for networks to dump violent kids programs anytime soon, notes Wulf. "Fox has a number of good kids shows, but financially, Fox knows that Power Rangers is where its bread and butter is."