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Bosnian government troops are pressing hard in their fight to capture the Serb city of Doboj, 40 miles to the east of Banja Luka. The city sits astride a vital supply corridor linking Serb territories in eastern and western Bosnia. "The narrowing of the bottleneck around Doboj is a high priority to the Bosnians because if they take the crucial city, they also create a Serb enclave with all the problems of Gorazde," TIME'S Edward Barnes reports. "This would give the Bosnians rough parity at the peace conferences -- what's good for your enclave is good for mine. It is chance to deal for Gorazade with something tangible to trade." Barnes also notes that the Serbs especially value nearby Ozren Mountain because it contains numerous Orthodox monasteries. "If no settlement is reached about the issue of Gorazade, the Bosnians could prevent Serb attacks against the enclave by simply responding in kind around Ozren Mountain."