Move Over, Lara Croft, Here Comes Joanna Dark

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You've probably seen the Perfect Dark commercial with the hot babe toweling herself off, trying to figure out what to wear to save the world. (Yeah, it can be downloaded from the game's site.) You might even know that her name is Special Agent Joanna Dark, sent by Nintendo on a mission to eliminate Lara Croft. But if you haven't played the N64 game, a top-selling follow-up to the immensely popular GoldenEye, you have no idea what the hullabaloo is about. It's got some problems, especially in multiplayer modes, but it will certainly outlive the hype. Perfect Dark is Bond meets "Blade Runner," starring the lady from "The Matrix" the first-person shooter you never thought possible.

As you wander the glass corridors and platinum air shafts, you're confronted by enemies who have gotten much smarter since you last faced off. Where GoldenEye baddies react to loud noises, these guys set up ambushes. They retrieve loose guns, attack you with their fists when empty-handed and even have enough sense to call for backup. They're so tricky it's frustrating. Getting to the end of this game takes patience, skill and observation, even for the seasoned gamer.