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What seem like the bloody shoe prints of multiple killers to the Simpson defense look like the trail of one person to William Bodziak. The FBI expert, who may be the last prosecution witness, today expanded on the testimony of scientist Henry Lee, who testified for the defense that bloodstains near the bodies of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman could have been left by a second killer. Bodziak, flanked by charts and photographs, told jurors that small bumps embedded in the crime-scene walkway actually shaped the stains that resembled shoeprints. That was fine with Dr. Lee: in an interview today, he criticized the Simpson defense for misrepresenting his testimony, and said he was so irritated that he refused to return to the stand as a defense witness. Lee added that Bodziak is a solid scientist, noting that neither of them said the stains had been made by shoes. Early next week, the defense hopes to bring on ex-mystery witness Frederick Whitehurst, an FBI agent who claims that in other cases, FBI lab personnel have fabricated evidence to help prosecutors.