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"The territory the Muslim-Croats seized in the past three days brought the division of land the two sides now control even closer to the 51-49 split agreed to in the negotiations," reports national security correspondent Douglas Waller. Before the NATO offensive, Waller notes, Serbs held approximately 70 percent of Bosnian territory. Pentagon officials tell Waller that Croat-Muslim forces now hold a significantly greater chunk of Bosnia. "Thursday, the CIA and Pentagon had revised their percentages for what the sides held to 55 percent for the Bosnian Serbs and 45 percent for the Muslim-Croats. Today, Pentagon officials say the 55 percent number has been whittled down even further and is much closer to the agreed goal of 51 percent." One concern for Pentagon officials, Waller notes, is that Croat-Muslim forces might not stop there. "They have a feeling that the Muslims may go on fighting up until a cease fire-agreement is signed."