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Dr. Jack Kevorkian showed up at the Oakland County (Mich.) Courthouse in homemade stocks and a ball and chain. "His goal is to make the evening news, and this should do it. This is completely consistent with his crusade," says TIME's Nancy Gibbs. Kevorkian wore a sign which read in the front "Common law of Middle Ages. What's next, the Inquisition?" and on the back "Think this is a circus? You're right. But blame the seven Supreme Court jesters." Kevorkian shed the signs before entering the courthouse, where he stood silent as he was arraigned on two counts of assisting suicide. Circuit Judge David Breck entered an innocent plea on his behalf. Kevorkian has been the symbol for the "right-to-die" movement, but Gibbs points out that many are troubled by the 67-year old former pathologist. Says Gibbs: "Even people who are sympathetic to the issue have problems with Kevorkian because of his extra-legal approach. There also hasn't been a lot of 'death-with-dignity' in the cases where Kevorkian has been involved."