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An Israeli settler trying to take down a Palestinian flag in an Arab elementary school set off a violent clash today between Palestinians and Israelis in Hebron. "This is a scary and mean situation right now," reports Sam Allis from Jerusalem. "The Israeli government's hands are virtually tied. They can't get the settlers out of Hebron voluntarily, and it would be political suicide to force them out. Hebron is holding up the peace talks." Today's violence came on the second anniversary of the Israeli-PLO accord, signed in Oslo in 1993. Hebron is the main obstacle between Israel and the PLO as they negotiate on expanding Palestinian autonomy to the West Bank. Because of the incident, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PLO chief Yasser Arafat postponed a meeting on Hebron until the weekend. Israel wants to retain control over much of Hebron to protect the 450 Jewish settlers living in the city of 120,000 Palestinians. The PLO insists on an army pullout like the ones planned for other Palestinian towns in the West Bank.