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Frustrated in their attempts to wind up the Simpson defense with Mark Fuhrman on the stand, and uncertain as to whether Judge Ito will allow the introduction of a new mystery witness, O.J. Simpson's attorneys have now turned to an appeals court in a last-ditch effort to conclude their case with a bang. The defense claims that the new, last-minute witness -- whose identity the prosecution does not know -- can offer "startling" information. James Willwerth reports from the trial that rumors have been circulating that the witness would undermine the credibility of the prosecution team. "It allegedly concerns a claim that a member of the prosecution team lied to the judge in chambers about what Mark Fuhrman said during a prosecution rehearsal of his testimony." While Ito, who does know the identity of the witness, considers whether to allow the testimony, the defense will now try to overturn an appeals court ruling last week that instructed Ito not to tell the jury that Fuhrman was unavailable to testify further. The Perry Mason-like ploy of bringing in the mystery witness is highly unusual in real cases. But if the witness were to testify that a prosecutor had lied to the judge, the impact on the Simpson case could be critical.