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NATO warplanes have resumed airstrikes against Bosnian Serb positions after the Serbs missed a deadline Monday to withdraw all heavy weapons from around Sarajevo. "If the bombardment continues," reports national security correspondent Douglas Waller, "the Bosnian Serbs might not come to the Geneva peace talks on Friday." The U.N. had demanded that over 300 artillery pieces and tanks be pulled out of the 12.5-mile exclusion zone around the city, but as of today, only about 20 weapons appeared to have been withdrawn. (The Serbs say they need more time, fearing that a complete withdrawal would leave their brethren in the suburbs of Sarajevo unprotected.) Technically, Waller says, a Bosnian Serb boycott of the talks may not matter, since Serbian President Milosevic will head the delegation. Still, it remains to be seen just how much control he has: "Milosevic says he speaks for the Bosnian Serbs, but no one knows for sure if this is true."