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The Roman Catholic Church has an answer for Bob Dole. Starting Sept. 6, the Catholic Communications Campaign will offer "moral ratings" on the latest movies and videos through a national toll-free telephone number. "A-1" is for general audience films containing no morally objectionable material (e.g. "The Lion King"). "A-2" is for adults and adolescents ("Miracle on 34th Street," "Apollo 13"). "A-3" films are suitable for adults only ("Bye, Bye Love"). "A-4" is for adults, with reservations and caution ("The Bridges of Madison County"). And the rating you've been waiting for, O, means morally offensive ("Die Hard With a Vengeance," "Exotica" and "Two Girls in Love"). Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, today responded that the current system "is for everyone: Jews, Catholics, heretics, agnostics. Everyone!"