Don't Forget to Pack Your Palm

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Good patriotic American that I am, Memorial Day is weather permitting a long-awaited three-day weekend in the sun. This year it also means stuffing my Palm in preparation for life away from the office. Here are my picks for the must-have apps that every savvy Palm vacationer needs to get the most out of her downtime:

Even though most Palm owners know about the amazingly cool AvantGo app, it still deserves a mention here. This smart application allows you to download virtual reams of articles, stories and other information onto your PDA, PocketPC and web-enabled cellphone. AvantGo features content from some of my favorite online destinations, including Salon, the New York Times Book Review,, Slate and coming soon TIME Digital. (Meanwhile it's easy to tell AvantGo to grab web pages, hint, hint.) Not only is AvantGo great for bumper-to-bumper hang time relief, it's also an easy way to lighten your beach bag, since there's no longer any reason to carry eight magazines and a book along with your beach chair, towel, cooler and umbrella.