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Just four days afterShannon Faulknerleft the Citadel to jeers from her male classmates, another woman is planning a bid to enter the exclusive club. "A Citadel degree has a certain cachet in South Carolina," says TIME's Lisa Towle. "It provides a very easy entry into certain jobs and there's a huge network, a power core of Citadel men in state society." The woman's identity will remain secret until Wednesday, when attorneys add her name to Faulkner's suit to join the all-male cadet program.Faulkner's lawyerstell Towle that two other young women had expressed interest to them in joining the cadet corps, but their mothers, fearing for their daughters' safety, had nixed the idea. "There's a tremendous amount of resistance to this, especially in the school's alumni network," Towle says, "but one way or another, sooner or later, that school will be integrated."