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As President Clinton's emissary meets with all sides inBosnia, the outlines of a possible peace plan appear to be taking shape. "The problem all along has been that the Serbs have wanted their own formal independent state, while the Bosnian government has tried to preserve its borders," reports TIME's Alexandra Stiglmayer. It now appears that the Bosnian government is willing to accede to what amounts to de facto Serb independence. Stiglmayer reports that sources close to the Bosnian government are presenting a plan that would allow for an autonomous Serb state within Bosnia, and would allow a Serb vote for full independence after ten years. The government also appears ready to allow Bosnian Serbs some sort of confederation with Serbia. "What the Bosnian government hopes is that this referendum plan will go into effect,the war will end, and people will start living peacefully.Then in ten years, perhaps the Serbs won't vote for full independence."