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"I love my wife dearly. I am wounded by criticism of her, as any spouse would be. It is reasonable to assume I would be impacted by this." With these words, his voice cracking with emotion, Judge Lance Ito recused himself from ruling on tapes in whichDetective Mark Fuhrmanverbally attacked Ito's wife, Los Angeles police Captain Margaret York. Another judge will now be assigned the task of determining if a screenwriter's interviews of Fuhrman, in which he insults York (his former boss), says he is essential to the prosecution's case, and boasts of his expertise in manipulating criminal evidence, are relevant toO.J. Simpson's defense. ButTIME's James Willwerthnotes that "Fuhrman has been diagnosed by psychologists as narcissistic, and has an inflated view of his own importance. Another judge may find this evidence isn't relevant at all and not admit it."