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It turns out that one of the two women whose allegations have complicated anew theSenate ethics committee investigation of Sen. Bob Packwoodwas 17 years old when she had her encounter with the senator. The Oregonian reported today that the woman, then a high school senior working as an intern in Packwood's Senate office, asked Packwood for a letter of recommendation. The senator insisted on delivering it personally at a time when her family was out. She told the Post that when he got there, Packwood "laid a juicy kiss on my lips. I could feel the tongue coming." Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who last week forced an unsuccessful Senate vote to open the Packwood hearings to the public, told reporters that she was so angry upon hearing the woman's age that she may try again: "Think if it was your daughter, who put her faith and trust in a senator and was treated this way."