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In just two tense days ofWhitewater hearings,House Banking Committee Chairman Jim Leach has aggressively challenged theWhite House accountof President and Mrs. Clinton's passive role in the land development scheme. As one Democratic panel member after another angrily protested the proceedings today, three federal regulators charged that top government officials repeatedly thwarted their attempts to investigate the failed savings and loan owned by the Clintons' Whitewater business partner. Resolution Trust Corp. investigator Jean Lewis said she believed "there was a concerted effort to obstruct, hamper and manipulate the results of our investigation."TIME's Suneel Ratannotes that despite "the televised pandemonium, the real impact of the hearings so far is in the thousands of documents Leach is dropping on the assembled press corps." In one of the documents, Hillary Clinton says: "If Reaganomics works at all, Whitewater will be the western hemisphere's mecca."