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Funny howold promisescome back to haunt politicians. Back on Jan. 27, House Speaker Newt Gingrich sent theNational Rifle Associationa written pledge that "no gun control legislation" would pass the House as long as he holds the job. Now, to the delight of President Clinton, who has made gun control a major campaign issue, the NRA has sent the missive out to its members as a fundraiser. Gingrich is on the record as a strict gun-control opponent, butTIME's Laurence Barrettsays such private agreements make for bad public relations. "It certainly helps the Democrats make their case that the NRA has undue influence over the House Republicans, in particular." Asked about the letter today, Clinton happily riffed through his police-friendly accomplishments (the Brady bill, the assault weapons ban) and again called for a ban on armor-piercing "cop-killer" bullets. To Republicans, Clinton said: "If you do succumb to the political pressures from extremist groups to repeal any of these measures, I will veto them in a heartbeat."