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House Democrats and moderate Republicans joined forces to defeat 17 measures designed to stop new EPA rule-making for one year.Part of a $79.4 billion bill that funds environmental, housing, veterans, and space programs for next year, the amendments would have halted regulations that keep drinking water free of arsenic, reduce toxic emissions for oil refineries, check pesticides in food, and control sewage overflows. GOP freshman Dave Macintosh, who chaired former Vice President Dan Quayle's Council on Competitiveness, tried to convince his congressional colleagues that the EPA is ideologically driven and that the targeted regulations "actually, in some ways, harm the environment and certainly cost us jobs." But opponents said the measures paralyze environmental protection and are driven by corporate interests. A TIME/CNN poll taken earlier this year found that 42 percent of Americans felt that environmental regulation does not go far enough, while 29 percent called it adequate. Only 23 percent felt it was too excessive.