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Complaining of chest pains, Russian President Boris Yeltsin checked into a Moscow hospital. A spokesman for the president says that Yeltsin suffers from an obstructed supply of blood to the heart, but that the condition is not serious. "The odd thing about this," saysTIME Moscow bureau chief John Kohan, "is that if he were seriously ill they probably wouldn't have announced he was in the hospital so quickly. Instead, they would have waited until figuring out what do say." Doctors say Yeltsin is doing well, moving about his room, and should be released in a few days. He has a history of health problems, buttold TIME in an April interview: "In general, I feel fine."The 64-year old Yeltsin has already exceeded the average Russian man's lifespan of 59 years. "For a man his age, and someone who probably does drink too much, he's in pretty good shape," says Kohan.