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At the risk of turning an internal war into something far more serious, Turkish warplanes and helicopters staged bombing raids 9 miles into northernIraqas part of a new offensive to flush rebel Turkish Kurds from their cross-border hiding places. Turkey has repeatedly sent small forces into northern Iraq since a 35,000-man invasion last March prompted a brief international outcry. Baghdad kept strangely silent until Wednesday when -- the Turkish government revealed today -- about 3,000 Turkish troops renewed the offensive in earnest. A statement carried by the Iraqi News Agency today expressed Iraq's "strong condemnation of the new Turkish military incursion." TIME's James Wilde, in Istanbul, says Turkey had secretly cleared the March invasion with Iraq, which couldn't care less about itsKurds. This time, Wilde reports, irritated because Turkey did not make the initial courtesy call, "Iraqis are screaming that 3,000 Iraqi Kurds have been displaced."