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TIME's James Willwerth reports the defense expects to take about 30 working days to make its presentation. The case will have several distinct phases: One: character witnesses ranging from Simpson relatives to golfing buddies, who will talk about "how much O.J. loved, but more importantly, respected Nicole; how he had come to terms with the divorce; how calm and unbloody he was on the flight to Chicago; and how tortured he was returning to Los Angeles." Two: the neighbors. Three: as many as 10 witnesses who will accuse LAPD Det.Mark Fuhrmanof being a racist. Four: tough challenges to the DNA evidence. Five: The big one -- Simpson himself. "They've got nothing to lose," a source who has listened to the defense team discuss the issue told Willwerth. "They know they've got a hung jury. If there's one thing O.J. has spent a lifetime working at, it's playing O.J."