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As theO.J. Simpsondefense prepared to seize the national stage, L.A. District Attorney Gil Garcetti called a news conference to put some topspin on his prosecutors' uneven performance. "The giant mountain ofevidencethat we had produced in court over these many weeks, points to only one person," Garcetti told reporters, "and we know who that person is." Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran, meanwhile, reluctantly divulged several coming attractions. On the witness list: a woman who sat near Simpson at a $25,000-a-plate benefit banquet the night before the killings; an interior designer whom Simpson had hired to redecorate his bedroom; and an ex-boyfriend ofNicole Brown Simpsonpal Faye Resnick. (The defense argues that Resnick's alleged drug abuse supports its claim that she may have been the real target of killers trying to collect a drug debt.)