COVERLINES: "BOUND FOR BAGHDAD Army General Tommy Franks, commander of the U.S. forces confronting Iraq."

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TIME COVER: Straight Shooter. Gen. Tommy Franks "thought that (Gen. Norman) Schwarzkopf cut way too high a profile during the Gulf War," a military subordinate who has worked on Franks' Centcom staff tells TIME. "He thinks it's tawdry." "Like any good soldier, the general knows when to keep his head down," write TIME's Michael Duffy and Mark Thompson in a TIME profile. Franks, 57, head of CENTCOM (US Central Command), leaves Tampa, FL for Qatar this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Iran's Nuclear Threat (Notebook)

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Iran is moving closer to operation of a facility to enrich uranium, TIME's diplomatic correspondent Massimo Calabresi has learned.

THE PRESIDENCY - HUGH SIDEY: The President's Father. President George W. Bush tells his father, former President George H.W. Bush, not to worry, reports TIME's Hugh Sidey. "It's my job to worry," Bush the elder tells SIdey, with a chuckle. He says he has moments when he would like to suit up, "get off the bench" and go back in the game. "The decision on the war cannot finally be made by a committee or by a general. It must be made by one person-the President," the former president tells Sidey.

Sidey reports Bush Sr. regards Saddam Hussein and his military establishment as far less powerful now than when Desert Storm was launched. But he believes Saddam is surely far wiser about the strength of the U.S. "He had no respect for our military then," says the elder Bush. "He felt that we could not fight. Now he knows."

BUSH & DIPLOMACY - His Lonely March

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A White House official told TIME that Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured President George W. Bush he wouldn't cast a veto, with the U.S. bringing a second resolution to a vote at the UN Security Counsel this week. "There were rumors that the Russians were going to veto," says the official. "The President had a conversation and got a different impression-not that Putin was with him, but that he's not going to veto." TIME's Romesh Ratnesar writes, "Only a miracle-a complete change of heart, a coup, a journey to exile (by Saddam Hussein)-can stop a war now."

IN THE ARENA -- JOE KLEIN: The Poker Player In Chief. President George W. Bush has violated the rules "that govern the etiquette of complex international relations-the rules of diplomacy," writes Joe Klein. "It will be harder and harder for America to have its way, diplomatically, in the world."

OSAMA BIN LADEN: The Biggest Fish of Them All

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Law-enforcement authorities are especially concerned that al-Qaeda may be planning attacks on national monuments in the U.S. and trying to disrupt the economy, TIME reports. New York authorities and the FBI have been paying particular attention to securing the bridges into Manhattan, especially the Brooklyn Bridge. A senior Administration official tells TIME the U.S. is no closer to finding Osama bin Laden after Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's March 1 capture than it was before, writes TIME's editor-at-large Michael Elliott, who provides an update on where OBL may be now. "If I had to choose who was a bigger catch, Osama or Khalid Shaikh," says a senior Pakistani intelligence official tells TIME, "I'd say Khalid Shaikh."

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