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Atlantis Commander Hoot Gibson gave a Houston Rockets T-shirt to Cosmonaut Anatoly Solavyev, as theRussian and American crews wrapped up the final day of their joint mission aboard the Mir space stationin a celebratory mood. Pulling on the shirt, Solavyev, who became a Rockets fan while training for the mission at the Johnson Space Center, took advantage of gravity-free conditions to vault over his fellow spacemen. Astronaut Norman Thagard, who celebrated his 52nd birthday aboard the MIR space station feeling like "a lab rat" as fellow astronauts collected blood and other biological samples, said he wished he could have brought his wife along. When the two giant spacecraft undock on Tuesday, two of the MIR cosmonauts will film the maneuver from a small Soyuz vehicle nearby. Atlantis is due home on Friday.