Free Dreamcast for Sega ISP Customers

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"Don't forget about Sega" seems to be the point of today's announcement. Sure, Sony made a splash last month with the Playstation2 launch in Japan. And, yeah, Microsoft grabbed headlines with 2001 promises of its own high-powered gaming console, the X-box. But now Sega is taking the Net step to shore up its Dreamcast business.

Sega of America is announcing today that it will give away $200 Dreamcast consoles to gamers who subscribe to SegaNet, a new high-speed Internet service devoted to multiplayer online gaming. Commit to two years of $21.95-per-month service and you get the console free through a rebate. The rebate plan is similar to offers from other Internet service providers such as CompuServe that can run upwards of $400 or even cover the cost of a new PC.