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In response to a small Bosnian government infantry assault, the Bosnian Serbs launched a missile attack that killed five and injured 50 in Sarajevo. TIME's Alexandra Stiglmayer reports from the city that the Serb's strong response to a minor offensive may signal thatconditions in Sarajevo are about to get a lot worse. The two missiles used in today's shelling were not the usual mortar rounds. Instead, she notes, they were large modified aircraft bombs that U.N. officials call "weapons of terror" because they are inaccurate and could cause heavy casualties. It's sheer luck, according to peacekeepers, that the bombs have not yet caused more damage and casualties. Serbs are increasingly using these missiles in response to Bosnian government attacks. Withthe Muslim's current strategy of using small assaultsto wear down the besieging Serb forces, the war in Sarajevo may take a bloody turn for the worse.