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Just when Internet-savvy Republicans thought they were safe in cyberspace, Democrats today made their own splash on the Net's World Wide Web. And none too soon: earlier this month, theGOP arrived with an information-packed Web sitethat features pages for all nine Republican White House hopefuls. The newDemocratic National Committee siteunderstandably strikes a more defensive tone, with a barrage of White House press releases, a "Connecting with America" page and a crew of "outside experts" brought in to "validate" President Clinton's budget plan. The upside: "Al Gore's Cartoon Gallery," a video clip of Sen. Ted Kennedy reading from James Joyce's "Ulysses" and -- in the tradition of the "Socks" page on the White House Web site -- a discourse on the origin of the Democratic Party donkey. The GOP, whose supporters have a longer Internet track record, is gracious enough to include a link to "Liberal Lies."