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Republican presidential hopeful Pat Buchanansaid today that the U.S. should eliminate all foreign aid funding and use the money to cut taxes on American small business. Although President Clinton has called aRepublican proposal to reduce foreign aid spendingfrom $12.7 billion to $11.8 billion next year "isolationist," Buchanan is pushing the GOP to wipe out funding entirely. "The isolationist, anti-NAFTA constituency is one of three groups Buchanan is appealing to," says TIME's Laurence Barrett, "the others being the gun control people and the social conservatives. What he is trying to do is become the main alternative to all the mainstream Republican candidates. He wants to seal off the Right wing of the party and hope that all the candidates in the middle split the rest of the votes, giving him the majority and the nomination." Could it happen? "Anything's possible," says Barrett, "but Pat Buchanan will not be elected President."