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Six months of testimony in theO.J. Simpson trialhave established at least one incontravertible fact: the Simpsons did quite a bit of shopping. And they did it at Bloomingdale's. A second representative of the upscale department store was called to the stand today. Continuing the prosecution's line of footwear questioning, former Bloomingdale's shoe salesman Samuel Poser said that although he remembered selling O.J. size 12 shoes on several occasions, he couldn't remember if they were the Italian Bruno Magli shoes that prosecutors say left bloody prints at the crime scene. Earlier in the trial, a Bloomingdale's buyer testified that the bloody glove found outside Simpson's house was made exclusively for her store. The state may, however, finally be ready to rest. Citing "a mountain of evidence," prosecutor Christopher Darden promised they would wrap of their case in early July.