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Prosecutors are frantically trying to limit the damage done to their case Thursday whenO.J. Simpsonmuttered and struggled to pull on the bloody gloves while jurors watched. Today the prosecution recalled Richard Rubin, former vice president of glovemaker Aris Isotoner as an expert witness on gloves. Rubin testified the tighter glove had shrunk well below its extra-large size -- probably because it had been soaked in blood -- and said the gloves in their original condition would easily fit Simpson. He also explained that because the lining was damaged, it was very difficult to insert a hand completely into the glove. Rubin's testimony seemed logical, saysTIME Los Angeles correspondent James Willwerth,but it may not have convinced jurors. "Did the prosecutors put Humpty-Dumpty back together again? Logically they did, but whether they succeeded emotionally is another question. The people who watch the jurors for clues in their body languages and attitudes now think there are four jurors who think O.J.'s not guilty."