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Japanese officials are seeking to dissolve Japan's Aum Shinrikyo cult. Justice Minister Isao Maeda said he will ask a court to revoke the tax-exempt religious status of the group and ask that it be disbanded for engaging in "serious antisocial activities." Althoughguru Shoko Asahara and other top leaders remain behind barsfacing murder charges in theMar. 20 gas attack on Tokyo's subways, Aum members continue to chant prayers and hand out flyers on the street. Prosecutors are now seeking disciplinary action against Asahara's lawyer for smuggling out a tape-recorded message from the guru. The tapeinstructed members to bury all evidence against the cultand to protect members from arrest. Taking his cue from Mafia dons the world over, Asahara said: "I will continue to keep silence. I hope everyone will continue with their training no matter what happens."