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Captain Scott O'Grady, the pilot of the downed U.S. F-16, was rescued at dawn after five days of wandering throughhostile Bosnian Serb territory. Using attack jets and two rescue helicopters, a small group of U.S. Marines dodged missiles and gunfire to pick up O'Grady in a sparsely populated forest several miles from where his plane crashed. As the rescue forces homed in on the radio signal O'Grady was sending, he set off a small yellow smoke signal to fix his location. Military sources reported that as the Marines were touching down in the wooded area, O'Grady came running out of the forest and hopped aboard the rescue craft. President Clinton, who called O'Grady's family as soon as the pilot was safely out of Bosnia, had high praise both for the pilot and theMarines who rescued him, saying: "They are all American heroes."