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As congressional Republicans and Democratsworried about creeping U.S. involvement in Bosnia, Defense Secretary William Perry warned lawmakers that withdrawing U.N. peacekeepers from the region could lead to a "humanitarian catastrophe" and draw NATO allies Greece and Turkey into the conflict. In House and Senate hearings, Perry said the military would require 22 weeks toevacuate U.N. peacekeepersusing 1,500 U.S. soldiers stationed nearby. Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole said he would offer a binding resolution to limit U.S. troops to that objective, and Perry assured him that the U.S. would refrain from taking sides in the war. ButMark Thompson, TIME Defense correspondent, says taking sides may be necessary if the U.N. is to continue its mission. "If the mission is to provide humanitarian aid, and the Serbs aren't allowing that aid, sooner or later the troops are going to have to use force."