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TheTokyo subway gas attackwas just a rehearsal for a planned aerial bombardment of Tokyo with deadly liquid sarin, the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper reports. According to the paper, a notebook kept by Kiyohide Hayakawa, theAum Shinrikyo cult's No. 2 leader, details plans to destroy Japan's leadershipin a series of simultaneous guerrilla raids starting as early as next November. According to Ikuo Hayashi, another cult leader, the cult hoped to set up an "Aum Kingdom" by killing the country's top officials. The new disclosures add more fuel to speculation thatcult guru Shoko Asahara was planning to cause the apocalypse that he has predicted for 1997.WANT TO BE IN PICTURES? A bizarre twist in the case came with a report from another major Tokyo daily saying cult leaders lured new members, mostly day laborers, to the cult's compound with a promise that they would be employed as movie extras. Once there, cult leaders hoped to train the men as an armed military unit.