Sundance Goes Digital

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Sundance went digital this year. Jason Kliot was one of the people who made it happen. Kliot, who produced "Down to You" and Sundance's big 1999 winner, "Three Seasons," surprised the indie film world a year ago by announcing that he was cofounding a digital film company, Blow Up Pictures. This year, its first production, "Chuck & Buck," became the first digital film to be sold to a major film distributor, Artisan Entertainment (of "Blair Witch" fame), which snapped it up for over a million dollars considerably more than it cost to make.

Kliot's not alone in his digital mission at Sundance 2000. Earlier this week, he and a panel that included Roger Ebert and Ethan Hawke discussed the future of digital cinema. They concluded that the magic lantern would soon lose out to high-definition and memory. MORE >>