The Missing Chapter from 'The New New Thing'

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There's a chapter missing from the best-selling hardcover "New New Thing" by Michael Lewis one that's being written this month in a series of high-profile Internet deals. In the book, published in October, Lewis wants us to feel haunted by Jim Clark, the center of a secret history of Silicon Valley. Clark always seems years ahead of everyone else, practically inventing mainstream computer graphics as the founder of Silicon Graphics in the 1980s and, in the '90s, handing us a point-and-click Internet in the form of Netscape.

Netscape, of course, changed the world. It was the first dot-com IPO when the profit-free company went public in 1995, marking Year Zero for the ongoing Net frenzy that has turned the financial markets upside down. All, according to Lewis, so that Clark, son of Texas poverty, could build a computer-controlled sailboat with the world's largest mast (need we say more?). Netscape also scared Microsoft into behaving so badly that it's been labeled a bully by a federal judge.