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TIME has learned that House Budget Committee Chairman John Kasich (R-Ohio) is circulating documents in GOP circles that dramatically fulfill his promises of radical federal budget cuts. The package, which Kasich began showing House members under tight securi ty Thursday at a House Republican retreat in Leesburg, Va., includes elimination of three Cabinet departments (Education, Energy and Commerce), the General Services Administration and scores of government programs. It also calls for sharp cuts in foreign aid, a five-year moratorium on new federal buildings and limits on cost-of-living increases for military pensions. "People have already started screaming and yelling," one person at the retreat told TIME congressional correspondent Karen Tumulty, adding that House members have been asked to look at the list and "categorize the top three they'll get blasted for." Already, Tumulty says, "rump groups" of disgruntled members are forming -- most notably, within the House Agriculture Committee, whose programs would be cut sharply. Outside analysts tell Tumulty that the true test of Republican commitment to their revolution is whether they can really eradicate entire bureaucracies.