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Several promising leads emerged today in the massive investigation of theOklahoma bombing. Federal authorities now say they have a videotape that showsbombing suspect Timothy McVeigh's Arizona license plate on a different car than the one he was driving when he was arrested, theAssociated Pressreports. Officials believe that John Doe No. 2 may have used the second car to leave the scene of the bombing. Authorities are also investigating the owner of a military supply store in Antigo, Wisconsin and his son to see if they supplied small explosive devices needed totrigger the Oklahoma City bomb, the Los AngelesTimesreported. Police had found a business card from the store that McVeigh left in a police car after his arrest. The name of the store-owner's son, along with his phone number, were written on the back of the card. In Oklahoma, one witness allegedly spotted McVeigh driving a rental truck toward the building, and another claimed to have seen him speeding away in a car minutes before the explosion.Oklahoma Explosion Page